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Denver Brunch Spots: The Rising Popularity of Brunch

September 20, 2017

Brunch is back, and bigger and better than ever! Traditionally a meal reserved for Mother’s Day, Easter, or Christmas, brunch is making a huge comeback among millennials looking for more of an experience or gathering rather than just a meal. Millennials are also spending more on food, roughly 44-percent, than any other generation, making them a prime clientele to attract for Denver brunch spots and why there are so many restaurants in Denver touting brunch.

Building a Brunch Program

Now that you know brunch is surging in popularity, it’s time to take advantage of it! But, where do you start? By building your restaurant’s very own brunch program. As an operator, you know that the brunch trend is picking up steadfast momentum, allowing you to create a program to capitalize on diners’ cravings and keeping up with trends.

Programs need to be executed correctly, in alliance with your chef. Your chef will have the capability to be creative and mash up popular breakfast and lunch diners and infuse them into a new brunch menu. Chefs can show off craftsmanship and innovative ideas. But, if you don’t do this well, you won’t get the number of diners you’re hoping for.

Always incorporate a well thought out menu, fun servingware, and a trendy atmosphere to curate a true program that will make diners want to enjoy not only the meal, but the brunch experience itself.

What’s On The Menu?

While having your chef use his imagination and craft up an award-winning brunch menu seems like a daunting tasks, it truly doesn’t have to be. The easiest way to create a new menu is to use what you have. Think simple, but remain creative. A brunch menu relies on the functionality of product utilization in going from serving breakfast, to lunch. You’ll want to utilize things more than once and get the most bang for your buck. For example, in our brunch menu we offer a multitude of eggs benedict possibilities. Some of the “fancier” ones utilize some type of meat that we will use in other dishes for lunchtime service, such as pulled pork in our Pulled Pork Benedict. Creating a brunch menu is much easier when you use ingredients and menu items that you utilize throughout the week during all services. This allows for a smooth transition from breakfast to lunch.

Another thing that people love on a brunch menu? The classics, but upgraded. People, especially millennials, look forward to brunch and think about that one dish that they’ve been craving all week. They’ll be expecting classic dishes that never go out of style, such as biscuits and gravy, eggs benedict, breakfast burritos, you name it!

After you’re done creating your menu and building up your program, your restaurant is ready to rock and put it into place. Be sure to get the word out to your customers by posting on social media, emailing out an announcement in your newsletter list, and by placing ads on the tabletops or in check presenters. Your program won’t work if no one knows about it!

At DJ’s Cafe, we have a brunch menu in place, and are ready to cater to those who are searching for one of the best brunch spots in Denver! We offer classic dishes, some with a modern twist, and a cocktail menu so you can sip on your mimosa and with your meal if you want! Not in the mood for brunch? Check out our lunch menu and be sure to stop on by! While you’re at it, be sure to read about our top 5 brunch menu items. We’re open Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 2:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.