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Best Brunch Spot in Denver Reveals the Benefits of Eating Local

June 28, 2017

Eating locally grown foods can benefit both the consumer and community. In fact, selecting locally sourced products can have an impact beyond just supporting local farmers and businesses. By making good food choices, individuals help not only their local communities but the environment as well. Keep reading to see how your conscious decision impacts both your body and the world around you.
When visiting a restaurant, the menu items displayed contain a variety of different ingredients. All food sources are then combined to create multiple dishes from which to choose. Depending on the type of establishment (food type, chain restaurant, or local)  these foods often include sandwiches, various small plates, entrees, and sides. Decisions are then made based on an individual’s personal preference or diet and an order is made.
In the meantime, how much thought goes into where the food comes from? More often than not, none and this should change.
Eating local foods provides the following benefits:


Foods grown and consumed locally are full of more flavor and nutrients. The less amount of time a food sits waiting to be shipped or sold, the better it tastes. Nutrients have less time to dissolve and since whatever you’re eating was harvested at its’ peak, instead of for need to fill an order, the food has more flavor.


Locally grown foods often last longer than those purchased in store from unknown sources. Leafy greens arrive in stores after being out of the ground for an inordinate amount of time leading to a short window for optimum consumption. Opposite, fresh and local produce often lasts longer because it gets to the consumer in a much shorter time frame.


By consuming foods prepared locally, monies stay within the desired community. The growers and local businesses then reinvest the income on providing a larger variety of food supply or back into other local service providers and/or restaurants. Instead of the money you spend going to a corporation headquartered outside your local community, monies spent locally, stay closer to home.


Everyday food products are shipped, flown, and transported across the world greatly increasing the carbon footprint for what is being consumed. By choosing to eat local foods an individual or family can decrease the environmental shipping impacts considerably.


Not only do local foods have more nutritious value than their store bought processed counterparts, they’re also safer. The implementation of fewer steps between growth, supply, and consumption provides less opportunity for foods to become contaminated.
For these reasons, DJ’s Cafe elects to use locally grown and/or organic produce when available. There are plenty of benefits of eating locally. Giving back to the community and providing patrons a plethora of options on each of their menus. The next time you’re hungry for a meal, stop by DJ’s Cafe - home of the best brunch in Denver. With three locations to serve you, we are open from 8 a.m to 3 p.m. Check out our breakfast menu, brunch menu and lunch menu to see everything else we have to offer!